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    View All+ Featured Products
    New Arrival SD-T10 High Power 60W Portable PA Speaker
    SD-T10 is high-end 60W power PA Speaker,come with 2pcs UHF wireless microphone.It is great for party,training,classroom and so on.
    New Arrival SHIDU SD-M1000 IPX6 Waterproof Voice Amplifier
    SD-M1000 is 30W power waterproof voice amplifier,it's great for teaching,outdoor activities,meeting and so on.
    New Arrival Multi Function UHF Wireless Microphone
    U30 is UHF wireless,wireless distance up to 50meters. Rechargeable and volume control on the mic.
    New Arrive SD-S208 Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker
    SD-S208 is 12W newest bluetooth 5.0 speaker.
    New Arrival SD-S198 8W Bluetooth Speaker
    SD-S198 is newest bluetooth 5.0 speaker. FM Radio/AUX support.
    New Arrival 6W FM Radio Speaker
    SD-S168 is super mini FM Radio Speaker,support SD/TF Card music playing,Suitable for elder and kids.
    SHIDU High Power 80W Portable BlueTooth Karaoke Speaker with Handheld Microphone
    K10 is a high-power professional K-speaker with UHF wireless sound technology, support for Bluetooth 4.2 cloud control, support for remote control, suitable for outdoor hiking, mountaineering, grass, family gatherings, and interpretation, dance, teaching,
    2018 New Arrival 30w Portable Party PA Speaker with FM Radio and Flashing DJ Lights
    30W portable wireless microphone system is highly integrated systems with many features, Recording, FM radio, Bluetooth, Karaok Sing, Audio in/out Be a Karaok speaker, it support Echo, Treble, Bass, Looping, Recordking and Delete Recording, Vocal Accompa
    Wireless M800 IPX4 Waterproof Voice Amplifier with 4000mah Power Bank and Bluetooth Speaker
    Bluetooth Voice Amplifier Speaker Waterproof, Microphone Amplifier Wireless Portable Megaphone Loudspeaker 18W Output for Outdoor, Teachers, Coaches, Elderly, Tour Guide, Presentation and More (Black)
    Wired M800 IPX4 Waterproof Voice Amplifier with 4000mah Power Bank and Bluetooth Speaker
    New model waterproof voice amplifier wired and wireless for option black,green,blue color IPX4 level 4000mah power bank 4.2 bluetooth version
    SHIDU H3 30W Outdoor PA Portable Speaker???????
    H3 supports Bluetooth 4.2 cloud control, which can be used for deductive, dance, teaching, training, promotion, etc.
    P8? Bluetooth Waterproof outdoor Speaker
    P8 is an outdoor three-proof original sound bluetooth speaker with 1.56 inch 20-core magnetic magnetic 叭, 2*15W power, configuration 7.4V 2500mAh*2 lithium battery, Bluetooth 4.2 function, support TWS dual-machine interconnection, SOS call for help funct
    We provide high quality wireless speakers,microphone, portable speaker,Voice Amplifier system, etc. Music is synonymous with life. We are ISO9001 certificated factory
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    Monday-Friday:09:00 To 18:00
    Saturday:09:00 To 18:00
    Hot Line: (86)755 27369592
    Contact Us
    4F, Wisdom Innovation Center, Hangcheng Industrial Park, Baoan, Shenzhen, China
    86 755 27369592

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